The World Needs Change


To move 100
organisations to
embed commitment
to the UN Sustainable
Development Goals.

By when?

2030/01/01 00:00:01

Shared Goals

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UN Sustainable Development Goals

The Honey Partnership supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Together we need
to act fast

The Honey

Our skills lie in social marketing. We are creative. We provide marketing services to entrepreneurs, startups, SMEs, listed companies, commercial giants, private and public organisations, NGOs, governments and supranational bodies.

And we want to
change the way the
world works. Today.

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Our Vision

We want to make an impact, to make a difference, to do something which genuinely contributes.

We want to make the largest impact we can. We want to be as big as we can.

We want to be as powerful as we possibly can. We want to be a global force, activating for business change.

To do this, we are building our network of people and companies who feel like we do.

Our vision is to build a global network of conscious creative people and companies

Our Companies

Make Honey Logo
Make Honey Logo
Reviewer programmes, content creation,
social creative, PR and
content seeding
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Hey Honey Logo
Social creative
& content production
Short form video
& live streaming
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Honey Shenzhen Logo

Our Work

We operate on a commercial basis. Which means we know the value of money. We know how to generate it and how to spend it.

Companies pay us for our help and in turn support our work.

Your Vision

Can we help you achieve
your vision?

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If your vision is to help change how business works, and if you have passion and skills, let’s work together.

If we work together, we can influence the largest possible number of businesses in the world.

How we can work together

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Firstly, the easy one, sign up to our newsletter and keep in touch.
It’s not a “no reply” newsletter, but a dialogue. We invite exchange.

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Second, the tricky part, send us a creative idea.

Make it an idea which uses any creative art form to reach out to people and businesses across countries to move them to action. It may be a creative work such as a song or an artwork, it may be a project, it may be a movement.

Our goal is to engage with every idea and find a way to bring it to life. Typically, that means finding ways to fund, measure, execute, and scale ideas.

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Empower Us

Third, you may simply want to work with us, as a connected spirit, freelancer, contractor, partner, employee or client. Submit your email and we’ll be in contact.

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