My name is Rebecca and I’ve been doing PR for almost eight years. I currently lead a team at an amazing PR agency called Make Honey, and have represented some of the biggest tech names in the world. This spans from leading the PR and events team at Garmin to working at some of the UK’s top PR agencies, repping the likes of Oracle, Worldpay and Virgin Media.

My expertise stretch across most of marketing, but I’m a PR expert at heart. Much of my career has been spent building relationships with newspapers and magazine editors and winning coverage (articles, blog posts, videos etc.) that talk about the companies I represent. I also have many years of experience managing indoor and outdoor events, running PR campaigns, how PR works with social media, advertising and retailer marketing. I have experience leading PR teams inhouse and at agencies, so can give advice on where best to start your career.

Outside of work, I skydive, scuba dive and try as much as I can to travel the world. When at home I’m a keen runner, and have done a triathlon or two. I’m very interested in health and fitness, and regularly practice mindfulness and yoga.

I’m excited to be a mentor because my career has been shaped and supported by mentors. I secured my first job with the help of a mentor I found through my school network, and since then have made moves and connections with the help of mentors. I’ve mentored before and it gives me great satisfaction to help others thrive in the industry I love.

What I can offer:

  • An explanation on what PR is and why it’s an exciting, fast pace career
  • Agency vs inhouse, what the differences are and where you might be best placed
  • The steps you can take to get on the career ladder in PR and what kind of skills employers are looking for
  • Where to look for great internships, the routes in further education and what comes next after school

Looking forward to hearing from you 🙂